Pennsylvania budget shortfall more than expected

In our latest Pennsylvania Deficit Watch update, we take a look at the current state revenue shortfall, noting Governor Rendell’s revised estimate of a $1.6 Billion shorftall for the full year. 

Governor Rendell now says he expects the final shortfall to exceed $1.6 billion, perhaps by another $100 million. 

Note: During his mid-year budget briefing, Governor Rendell was asked by Sen. Pileggi, and agreed to provide, additional information about these new projections to lawmakers so that they (along with the Commonwealth Foundation and the general public) could track the budget shortfall going forward.  We are still waiting for that information.

Luckily, we have a new Open Records law we can use to request information like that when it isn’t being made available.   If you want to learn the basics of the new Open Records law, I recommend attending our Transparency Symposium.