No tax increases

President Pro Tem (and now Pennsylvania Lt. Governor, though the former role has more relevance) Joe Scarnati has take a strong stance against any tax increase in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

It’s wrong to raise taxes on citizens when they can’t pay for health insurance and groceries, Scarnati said today in an interview with the Tribune-Review.. If Republicans vote to raise taxes, “what’s the reason to vote for us?”

“It’s what happened to Republicans at the national level. What do they stand for?” Scarnati said.

He also ruled out higher state fees. “A tax increase is a tax increase,” he said.

Meanwhile, Governor Rendell will be discussing the state budget situation today at 10. He has not been shy proposing higher taxes before (even when the state finances are good), so we’ll see what he has to say. I’ll be twittering the event, you can follow it here.