PA Congressional Delegation Ratings on Worker Freedom

The Alliance for Worker Freedom has their new scorecard on the 2nd session of the 110th Congress.  Key votes include a number of expansion of Davis-Bacon prevailing wage laws (which drive up the cost of construction, contracted services, and the like).  Below are the scores of the Pennsylvania delegation.

Casey 0%
Specter 25%

Pitts 100%
Peterson, J. 78%
Shuster 67%
Dent 44%
Platts 44%
Murphy, T. 33%
English 22%
Gerlach 22%
Altmire 0%
Brady, R. 0%
Carney 0%
Doyle 0%
Fattah 0%
Holden 0%
Kanjorski 0%
Murphy, P. 0%
Murtha 0%
Schwartz 0%
Sestak 0%

In related news, Sen. Specter (who is considered to be a pivotal vote) now says he is undecided (HT GrassrootsPA) on the “card check legislation”, which would effectively eliminate the secret ballot in union certification votes.