Prizes for bloggers, citizen activists, video producers, and more

Our friends at the Sam Adams Alliance have something called The Sammies awards (with cash prizes) to encourage bloggers and citizens to get involved in political action. Here are their prizes:

  • Best Video: Produce a video (drama, satire, documentary – whatever, as long as it’s viral) about economic and/or individual liberty in relation to an issue at the state or local level. Video must be under 5 minutes and already be uploaded to Youtube: $5,000 cash prize!
  • Sunshine Award: Use your state’s open records laws to uncover government corruption, waste or malfeasance. Hint: FOIA is your best friend: $5,000 prize!
  • Tea Party Award: Organize a grassroots event that makes a strong political point – that initiates a public discussion, that earns media attention – on an important state or local issue. Something like the Boston Tea Party: $5,000 cash prize!
  • Best State or Local-Level Blogger: Post regularly on a blog that covers issues like government transparency, political corruption, property rights, etc., at the state or local level: $5,000 cash prize!
  • Modern-Day Sam Adams: Lead a state political effort and achieve a major victory for liberty: $10,000 cash prize!!
  • Wikiteer: an award for contributors to Sam wikis – Ballotpedia, Judgepedia, and Sunshine Review – who has created and maintained the most accurate, comprehensive, and encyclopedic page or portal $1,000 cash prize each!
  • Microblogger of the Year: an award for someone who has used a free social networking and micro-blogging platform such as Twitter to effectively influence and engage others in local and state politics.. $2,000 cash prize!
  • Blogivist of the Year: an award for the most influential, consistent, and popular blogger using Blogivists. $2,500 cash prize! (monthly award winners of $250)
  • Voter Watchdog: an award going to an individual or group who has helped prevent voter fraud come November. For guidance, please see the Voter Integrity Project (submissions made there will be automatically entered into Sammies and vice versa). $2,500 cash prize!

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