Constitutional Convention in IL gets a boost

The Illinois Constitutional Convention ballot question, discussed in a previous post, got a couple of boosts in the last week.

First came news that the Cook County Assessor would support the initiative (including putting some of his campaign warchest behind it).  The article also notes that the opponents include both some business groups and teachers’ and public employees’, while proponents include those who want to recall IL Governor Blagoevich.  Yesterday, a judge ruled that a new ballot question would have to be created, since the first one (created by lawmakers) was deceptive and prejudicial. 

This should be of great interest for Pennsylvania legislators as they consider legislation to call a ConCon next week – which I’m certain they will do, as Sen. Dominic Pileggi wouldn’t dare stall a vote those bills after calling on the PA House to stop stalling votes on other reform measures.

For more on a Con Con in PA, watch the video from our September luncheon. More on Constitutional Convention questions in other states can be found on Ballotpedia.