Why a special session on reform is needed

During a press conference calling on Cerberus and the House Democrats to pass a number of reform bills already passed unanimously by the Senate, contending that a special session wouldn’t force the House to act any faster.

A House State Government committee hearing on Monday should illustrate why a special session is needed though.  While the committee actually moved two of the bills the Senate GOP is pushing for (Folmer’s bill on disclosure in state advertising and Armstrong’s dealing with penalties for Sunshine law violations), other bills on the table dealt with regulations of boxing gloves for amateur pugilists, and designating the regal fritillary as the official state butterfly.

With all due respect to Mr. Eachus, who I sure is adamant about ensuring the regal fritillary earns the title before some other butterfly swoops in and steals the title, I think there are more important issues facing the legislature.  As I have argued before, a special session on government reform would focus attention on those issues – and over 60 lawmakers agree.

Of course, the need for a special session – and Cerberus – can be eschewed with a State Constitutional Convention.  Senator Piccola will hold votes on three Con Con bills in the Senate State Government Committee today – Constitution Day.