The Harriet Tubman of School Choice

I’m in Phoenix for a conference of state think tanks and (with panels on education reform today), so I won’t be blogging much over the next few days. I will pass along this Flypaper post from Mike Petrilli on Howard Fuller’s luncheon speech. Fuller points back to a Sol Stern article and a Rick Hess piece which point to failures of the school choice movement to fix the public school system, specifically in Milwaukee. Fuller points out that Harriet Tubman wanted to end slavery, but didn’t let that stop her from freeing slaves one at a time, just as school choice is saving students one at a time.

Another point which has been frequently made here was that Stern’s article, published after the Utah voucher law was repealed, implies that school choice is not politically viable – yet in the months since, Georgia and Louisiana have enacted school schoice programs. Other responses to Stern are here and here.