New Facts and Resources on Transportation Funding

We have revised our PolicyPoints on Act 44 and Transportation Funding

More Resources:

Turnpike Lease/Bid
Full Concession Agreement – Governor’s Office
Synopsis of Lease Requirements/Limits – Governor’s Office
Concerns About Turnpike Lease Misguided
Revenue Comparison of Turnpike Lease vs. Act 44

P3 Information
The Emerging Paradigm: Financing and Managing Pennsylvania’s Transportation Infrastructure and Mass Transit
Leasing State Toll Roads FAQ– Reason
Indiana has benefited from toll road lease
Indiana Toll Road: One Year Later – Reason
Indiana Toll Road Better than Before
Leasing the PA Turnpike: Response to critics – Reason
Foreigners Create Jobs

Act 44 Information
Act 44 and Transportation Policy Points
Turnpike Commission to owe $30 to $70 billion after Act 44
Act 44 – No Limits on Turnpike Tolls
Morgan-Stanley report – Morgan Stanley
Rendell on CNBC – “Act 44 wasn’t good enough”

I-80 Tolling
New analysis of where I-80 tolls will go
I-80 Tolling Application – PTC
IRRPP Tolling Limits (Letter to Rep. Geist)
Letter regarding federal approval – FWHA
I-80 Tolling Study – PennDOT
I-80 Lease and other documents – PTC
No I-80 Tolls = Less money for SEPTA

Turnpike Commission scandals, lobbying, patronage, efficiency
The Turnpike Commission’s Family Tree
Fumo Indictment
Fumo’s farm
Patronage hires by Joe Brimmeier
More on Brimmeier
Toll on integrity: The turnpike chairman owes the public an answer

Turnpike Lobbying (state)
More on Turnpike Lobbying (State)
Turnpike state lobbying (2007-08)
Bill on Turnpike Lobbying
Turnpike propoganda on I-80 tolling
Mon-Fayette promised as bargaining chip
Taxpayer funded “study” with fabricated results.

Turnpike Commission vs. PennDOT – Efficiency Measures
Pennsylvania Turnpike is One of Country’s Least Efficient Toll Roads