Turnpike chairman Rubin under fire as “ghost employee” of federal defendant Fumo

TOLLROADSnews, the toll road industry’s news website, highlights the connections between the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and Sen. Vince Fumo’s upcoming federal trial.

We’re still scratching our heads as to why the media is not investigating the “no-work” job of the currently sitting chairman, Mitchell Rubin, and the connections to his wife who is a co-defendant in the Fumo trial.

And Gov. Rendell and the General Assembly allowed the Turnpike Commission to EXPAND it’s corruptive power?

Hopefully the Federal Highway Administration will see the Turnpike Commission for what it is and deny it the ability to toll Interstate 80. (Read our letter to the FHWA here.)

Then we can finally rid ourselves of this patronage cesspool by leasing the Turnpike for $12.8 billion to a private operator who will give us better service and save us from the “power, patronage, and politics” of the PTC.