Mack Trucks bolts to Right to Work state

Mack Trucks is headed south ”to improve our profitability and competitiveness,” said president and CEO Dennis R. Slagle.

Although the Allentown Morning Call story doesn’t mention the fact that North Carolina is a Right to Work state (employees are not forced to pay dues or fees to union as a condition of employment in an agency shop company), the evidence is overwhelming that voluntary union states like NC provide a better economic climate for job creation.

Although Mack is taking advantage of a corporate welfare handout of which could equal $8.5 million over the next nine years, Slagle ”There is not much [Pennsylvania] could have done to tip the scales. To be fair, we didn’t give them the opportunity. We felt it would be futile.”

Futile indeed. Despite being one of the most generous corporate welfare states, Pennsylvania has continually wallowed amongst the worst performing states in the nation on key economic indicators.