Reduce the number of uninsured 25% – for free

A new study by University of Minnesota researchers finds that a simply policy change would reduce the number of uninsured by 25 to 33 percent (Greg Scandlen has a summary on the SPN Blog). How much would this cost taxpayers? How about nothing.

The proposal they analyzed would allow individuals to purchase insurance across state lines, creating a national marketplace for insurance (which will allow individuals to buy less expensive insurance from states with fewer mandates and less costly regulations) – an idea we have touted.
The findings indicate that interstate competition among all 50 states would dramatically reduce the number of uninsured – not to mention reduce the costs for those currently with insurance. They estimate that, under the proposal, about 450,000 additional Pennsylvanians would buy insurance. This represents more than twice what Governor Rendell’s plan would cover – at the cost of $1 billion