Steelers, developer ask state to help subsidize amphitheater

Post-Gazette story on the demand that taxpayers pay $4 million dollars for an amphitheater. (HT GrassrootsPA).

The developer notes, “the entertainment complex itself will be a source of income, property and sales tax revenues for the city, county and state that will far exceed the $4 million state investment.” But taxpayer subsidies such as these never actually “pay for themselves.” It is simply redistribution – taking money from some to give to others. That $4 million in taxpayer handouts would be spend elsewhere, by the people who earned the money. Like splashing water across a pool, their is no net gain from the handout – though the developer obviously would benefit.

He also notes, “You can’t do any of this stuff without a subsidy. None of it makes sense”. Exactly! And why should taxpayers fund a project that isn’t financially sound?