Legal reform aids Ohio’s economy

Pennsylvania and Ohio share more than a border. Both states spend a ton of money on “economic development” while consistently failing to attract new jobs. No wonder elected officials are being forced to consider meaningful reforms.

While Pennsylvanians are focused on legislative reforms ( 76% support a special session on reform) Ohio’s efforts address the legal system. A new report from the Manhattan Institute explains how the Ohio Supreme Court is improving the state’s economy by limiting frivolous lawsuits.

With a court system now making reasonably predictable rulings and a legislature that was able to pass broad tort reforms in 2002, 2003, and 2004, Ohio’s litigation climate has become less hostile to economic development than it had been for years. Moreover, the state’s asbestos-litigation docket is clearing, and doctors’ malpractice insurance bills are falling. Absent such positive developments, the state’s prospects would be much worse than they are.

Read the full report here.