Spend Less on Pork, Voters Say

Pat Toomey comments in the Wall Street Journal on public opinion of pork spending:

The idea that bringing home federal dollars is integral to a politician’s job and essential to getting re-elected is a favorite of Republicans and Democrats alike. Three months ago, Hillary Clinton told the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, “I’m very proud of my earmarks. It’s one of the reasons I won 67% of the vote, because I took care of my people”…

The Club for Growth recently conducted a nationwide poll on government spending, and the results were exactly the opposite of what most politicians have been saying for years. Voters are fed up with Washington’s out-of-control spending. Politicians aren’t representing the will of the people when they bring home the bacon. They are really representing the will of their special-interest cronies. And it’s not just conservative voters who feel that way. Voters across the board have finally found something they can agree on even if their elected officials can’t: It’s time to cut the fat, even if that means fewer projects for their own districts.