Construction Woes

A few schools in Pennsylvania are experiencing a money crunch–not because property taxes are too low, but because of school boards’ Edifice Complex. The Bethlehem School District and Danville School District are both in the process of expanding and improving school facilities. Unfortunately, the projected costs are not within the districts’ means.

In the case of Bethlehem SD, the ink on the contracts has dried and materials have already been purchased. School officials are at a loss over which projects to scrap and which are vital.

Danville SD officials got a shock when the updated estimates for renovations increased to $47 million–a $7 million jump in just two months.

Also, in the Mt. Lebanon SD, many are balking at estimates for one construction option, a potential new high school–up to $132 million.

Instead of quibbling over thousands of square feet, school officials should count their blessings and be a bit more frugal with taxpayers money.