How much do you work for Government?

Americans for Tax Reform has released their 2008 Cost of Government Report today, which happens to be Cost of Government day for the US. Their report is broader than the Tax Foundation’s Tax Freedom Day or the American Institute for Economic Research’s Friedman Day (total government spending)because it adds government spending with the cost of government regulation.

Pennsylvanians worked 195 days – through July 14 – to pay for the cost of federal, state and local spending and regulation. This ranks 33rd (i.e. 18th highest government burden), though slightly below the national average – large states like New York and California tilt the average.

You might note that we are two weeks into the second half of 2008 – meaning that a majority of your time at work goes toward paying the cost of government.

The breakdown (national) is:
Federal Spending: 83.7 days
State and Local Spending: 50.5 days
Federal Reuglations: 41.7 days
State and Local Regulatiosn: 20.9 days

Somewhat suprisingly, the biggest increase is in state and local spending – particularly the last two years.