Everyone calls for reform – Except Rendell

Following the bonusgate indictments, there have been many more calls for action to clean up Pennsylvania state government, some from familiar voices, some from new members of the choir

It seems the only person who doesn’t get it is Governor Rendell, who (through a spokesman) announced he won’t call a special session, because it just isn’t that important. Corruption in government isn’t worth his time or effort? Really?

Gov Rendell cites energy and health care as more important but does he believe improving the integrity of government would 1) take too much time or 2) reduce his ability to pass legislation through corrupt schemes?

If it’s a matter of time, here is a radical idea: make legislators return to Harrisburg before Sept. 15 (when the next session day is schedule) and make them work in October, instead of campaigning. Isn’t good government more important than a few days at the beach? More important than kissing babies?

Oh, and for those who speculate Rendell is just pushing his energy, transportation, and health care agenda to win an Obama cabinet post or the VP slot on the ticket – let me point out (to Governor Rendell as well) that Obama is running on “cleaning up government” and “Change.” Having the Governor of (arguably) the most corrupt state in the union, and one who refused to do anything about it, on the ticket might not play so well.