PTC Still Stalling on I-80 Tolling

The Turnpike Commission revealed today they won’t resubmit their proposal to toll I-80 until August.  That means it will take nine months to answer the questions asked by the feds.  I guess the PTC really does consider this “their baby”.

Yet the rumor is Joe Markosek doesn’t want to wait, and may try to kill the lease bill tomorrow (yes, that would be a Saturday vote, to avoid scrutiny). Yesterday, Markosek said he was persuaded a lease was a bad deal, after the guys he paid (using taxpayer money) testified, saying what he paid them to say.   Gee, well after hearing Benefield’s testimony on the Turnpike lease, I remain convinced it is a good idea.

Why is Markosek trying to rush it?  Because he knows the Turnpike Commission’s lobbying and misinformation campaign has many legislators confused, but he knows we are exposing the facts – so he wants to kill it before all the debate is heard.