State to save us from danger of unauthorized massages

The PA House voted 193-5 to create a new board to license massage therapists (HT GrassrootsPA). The board will collect licensing fees fees, certify educational requirements, test would-be masseurs, and punish those who massage illegally.

The five legislators who think that state government preventing people from earning a living by touching your back isn’t such an amazing idea are Ellis, Hutchinson, Metcalfe, Moul, and Perry (all Republicans). The lead sponsor of this bill, Keith McCall uses the old justification “well lots of other states are doing it” (in my head, this line is voiced by Bullwinkle Moose, rather than McCall).

For more on what other states are doing, and why it doesn’t benefit the public, here is a Reason study (which was discussed on The BOX). You should also read Steve Albert’s commentary on more inane regulation in Pennsylvania, and the Institute for Justice report detailing how professional licensing is used to create and protect industry cartels.