Evans, Capelli to Introduce Lease Bill

State Rep. Dwight Evans (a Philadelphia Democrat) and Rep. Steven Capelli (a Williamsport-area Republican) will introduce a bill (HB 2593) to authorizing leasing the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Paul Nussbaum reports in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Nussbaum also reports that the Senate GOP might not wait for legislation – “Senate Republicans are said to be preparing a nonbinding resolution to forbid a lease of the turnpike”.

While Governor Rendell has already said that a Turnpike lease approval won’t happen until the fall, are Senate Republicans ready to close the door already? With no debate and no hearings on the agreement? Didn’t they learn their lesson after screwing up with Act 44?

What could they be thinking? No more steak dinners paid for by the Turnpike Commission? No more lobbying contract for Mike Long?

Senate Republicans – especially their leadership – should take a step back, and read our Q&A on the Turnpke Lease and the concession agreement (or at least the synopsis).

They should also listen to the latest episode of TheBOX, discussing the lease, and attend our luncheon on Tuesday. (Unlike the Turnpike Commission, we won’t be giving them filet mignon, but – also unlike the Turnpike Commission – we will offer accurate information).

UPDATE: The bill is available here.