Bevy of School Choice Articles/Research

A number of articles came across my email and blog reader, and I decided to put them all into one post.

The Philadelphia Bulletin has a write-up of our luncheon on school spending and cyber schools. (Click here for video of the event).

The Manhattan Institute has a new report on the effects of vouchers for special needs students on both students and on public schools. The Manhattan Institute also has a series of op-eds on this issue, and the lead author of the study, Jay Greene, will be on The BOX this Saturday.

Also from Florida, the voucher program recently struck down by the courts there will be up for Constitutional amendment, but is also tied to a requirement that 65% of public school funding be spent on instruction, and requires a 60% vote on the referendum to be approved. Read responses from the Heartland Institute.

The Friedman Foundation has a report on state regulations of private schools (Pennsylvania gets a D). Also read comments by Greg Forster.

The Wall Street Journal has an excellent article on the promise of school choice for inner-city students (non-subscribers can get a summary from NCPA here).