PA Turnpike’s Operating Costs

In the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review article on Reason’s report that the PA Turnpike is one of the least efficient toll roads in the nation (see here), the Turnpike Commission claims their annual operating cost is $250 million, not $370 million.

Here is the Turnpike Commission’s latest financial report. It lists “cost of services” under “operating expenses” of $369.9 million on pages 23, 32, 65, and 79 & defines operating expenses and cost of services on page 33:

Operating Expenses

Operating expenses relates directly to operating and maintaining the toll road. The principal operating expenses of the Commission are costs of services and depreciation. Other expenses are considered nonoperating expenses.

Cost of Services

Cost of services include: salaries, wages, benefits, and purchased services, along with purchased goods, including materials and supplies.

So did the Turnpike Commission screw up in its annual financial report, or in its statement to the press?