Pennsylvania Turnpike Is One of the Country’s Least Cost-Efficient Toll Roads

A new study by the Reason Foundation finds that the Pennsylvania Turnpike is among the nation’s most inefficient roads.

They also analyze the study produced, at taxpayer expense, for House Democrats, concluding:

Reason finds the Democratic Caucus study assumes, with complete certainty, that the ACT 44 plan to toll I-80 will generate $26.4 million even though it is highly unlikely the federal government will approve the plan to toll I-80. If the feds reject this plan, as many observers expect, the only certain proceeds under Act 44 would be worth $7 billion, which is likely to be far less than what a Turnpike lease would produce.

They also conclude that “tolls on the Turnpike will actually be higher under Act 44, where toll increases will be unlimited, than under a lease with a private company, where toll increases will be legally capped by the long-term lease agreement.”

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