Another Mediocre Rank for PA Business Climate

The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council has new report on Business Tax Index 2008, look at the best tax climate for small businesses. Pennsylvania, as has been a recurring theme, ranks a middling 28th (1 being best). The full report is here.

Here are some other recent rankings for Pennsylvania (including a different index from the SBEC):

Pacific Research Institute State Tort Liability Rankings – 45th (1 is best).
Beacon Hill Institute State Competitiveness Report 2007 – 34th (1 is best)
ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index – 44th on Economic Performance; 37th for Economic Outlook (1 is best)
Alliance for Worker Freedom Index of Worker Freedom – F (Tied for worst)
Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council Policy Environment for Entrepreneurship. – 24th (1 is best)
Tax Foundation State Business Tax Climate Index – 27th (1 is best).
Tax Foundation State and Local Tax Burden – 24th (50 is best)
CEO Magazine Best States to do Business – 37th (1 is best)
Forbes Magazine Best States For Business – 39th (1 is best)