The School Choice Gold Standard

The Friedman Foundation has a new report grading the various scholarship, voucher, and tax credit programs across the US on three categories – student restrictions (how many students can be served), purchasing power (how much choice does it buy), and school restrictions (how many choices are made available).

Pennsylvania’s EITC ranked 16 out of 21 – ranking particularly low on program size (not enough overall funding to serve many students) and on purchasing power (covering less than 10% the cost of traditional public schools).

The Full Rankings:

  1. Florida McKay
  2. Georgia Special Needs Vouchers
  3. Arizona Personal Tax-Credit Scholarships
  4. Vermont Town Tuitioning
  5. Arizona Foster Child Vouchers
  6. Ohio Autism Vouchers
  7. Maine Town Tuitioning
  8. Ohio EdChoice Vouchers
  9. Illinois Personal Tax Credit
  10. Florida Tax-Credit Scholarships
  11. Utah Carson Smith Vouchers
  12. Washington D.C. Vouchers
  13. Iowa Personal Tax Credit
  14. Arizona Corporate Tax-Credit Scholarships
  15. Arizona Disabled Student Vouchers
  16. Pennsylvania Tax-Credit Scholarships
  17. Cleveland Vouchers
  18. Iowa Tax-Credit Scholarships
  19. Milwaukee Vouchers
  20. Rhode Island Tax-Credit Scholarships
  21. Minnesota Personal Tax Deduction & Credit