Are You Nuts Governor?

Governor Ed Rendell goes ballistic on KDKA reporter Jon Delano, asking “Are you nuts, Jon? Are you nuts?” (watch the incredible Video Clip)

Delano’s sanity is in question because he is calling Governor Rendell’s tax increases “tax increases”, when, according to the Governor, “it isn’t a tax, it’s only 42 cents a year.” Apparently the definition of tax has changed since Noah Webster’s day. He also refers to another “non-tax” of “only” 50 cents/month. Of course that tax – on electricity use – would be $10,000 per year for many businesses, or 1 Million Pennies.

Last year, it was several months into the budget process before Governor Rendell resorted to name calling, calling the Commonwealth Foundation “imbeciles” and Sen. Folmer “certifiable” and comparing Eric Epstein to “that guy who ate all those people.”

Governor Rendell goes on to blast “terrible reporting by the press” and claims his critics “can’t stand success”.

Here is Governor Rendell’s measure of success: