Can the Jaguars save the NFL?

Then NFL has been going downhill ever since Vince McMahon took over as commissioner and cast the New England Patriots as heel, much like the Iron Sheik.

Already New England is being compared to the all-time great NFL teams; which is odd since none of the other teams systematically cheated during their season of greatness.

The Patriots statistical domination is in part due to running up the score – i.e. calling play-action-passes on 4th and 1 with a 28 point lead late in games. This is the NFL equivalent of hitting someone with a steel chair at the end of a match, while JR screams “Dear God … not like this”.

I will also add that people who praise the Patriots for thriving under the NFL salary cap rules are naive. The salary cap only serves to help teams like the Patriots. How do you think there were able to add Randy Moss, Dante Stallworth, Wes Welker, Adalius Thomas? Answer: Nearly every NFL teams is maxed out on salary cap rules, these player were willing to “play for less” for an established winner. NFL (and NBA) salary cap rules help teams at the top, and at the bottom (assuming they have low payrolls) improve, but hurt teams in the middle who can’t afford or attract free agents, and frequently cut long-time stars to save money.

In any regard, a win by the Jacksonville Jags this weekend will save the NFL from having a blot in history and drifting into “sports entertainment” rather than legitimate sports.

(Note: I had hoped to write this about the Steelers, but fate wouldn’t have it. In addition the the Jags, the Colts could also save the NFL).