Pennsylvania gets an “F” for worker Freedom

A report card from the Alliance for Worker Freedom gives Pennsylvania an “F” for meeting none of the ten measures of worker freedom.

As with all states having such a low grade, legislation that helps worker freedom should always be considered. However, with a public sector union membership of over 50 percent, switching from a defined benefit pension system to a defined contribution pension will help over 360,000 workers obtain a higher degree of freedom. Giving these workers defined contribution pensions will allow for a greater degree of personal control over the investment; as well as the
portability that adds to their financial security.

Overall, any policy or legislation recommended in this Index would be ideal for Pennsylvania to move toward an environment where worker freedom is protected. From right to work laws to paycheck protection, the employees in this state would benefit from improvements on any of the ten variables examined in this Index.

States with higher worker freedom also have strong economic growth, whereas states with low worker freedom – like PA – have slower growth. Get the full report here.