Costing Out Study – Quick Numbers

I haven’t had a chance to look at the “costing out study” yet, which said we need spend $12,067 per-pupil to achieve an “adequate education” but here is the key question – What does that number mean?

That spending that money ensures an adequate education? False! 18 of the 128 districts (14%)currently spending over that amount did not make AYP last year.

That not spending that money ensure an inadequate education? Also false! Many schools do very well with less money. Only 9% of school districts spending under that amount failed to make AYP (a lower percentage than of those spending above, though making AYP is a poor standard of “adequate education”). Most private schools spending only a fraction of that amount and do much better than many public schools.

That schools spending over that amount do much better academically? FALSE. See table below.