Pa. House Dems force out 7 top aides

The Bonus-Gate investigation has apparently claimed the jobs of several Pa. House Democratic staffers. Bill DeWeese isn’t saying much, other than in his press release:

“As Majority Leader of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, I am committed to working each and every day to earn the trust of our constituents and Pennsylvania’s taxpayers. I am confident that the actions I have taken today will result in additional reform and accountability in this great institution,” his statement said.

This places a lot of pressure on me – which punchline do I use? Ok I’ll just use them all.

1) See, Bill DeWeese is still committed to reform, no matter what Pete DeCoursey says.
2) I guess we were wrong about term limits – apparently it takes 31 years in House to overcome your staff and develop the expertise necessary to implement reform and accountability.
3) The part of Mike Manzo will be played by Lee Majors.