More on Free Markets v. Socialized Medicine

In response to the criticisms of cancer survival statistics used in a Giuliani ad, David Grazter has defended his statistic and provides additional data about survival rates in the US and Europe. Michael Tanner provides a similar argument about US Health Care. (Update: Government Bytes with some new data on wait times in Britain).

One point Gratzer makes that perhaps I didn’t emphasize in my original post – Government Health Insurance Kills – was that we (Giuliani, Gratzer, Tanner, and me) aren’t simply defending the status quo. US health care is already half socialized, and we need to free the market. Thus we need reforms to allow more people to afford private coverage (where survival rates are highest), not put them on goverment coverage (where survival rates are lowest).

Here are the principles of the Health Care Freedom Coalition, and here are some more ideas to “heal the sick.” Senator Folmer’s Healthy Pennsylvania and the the House Republican Plan spearheaded by Rep. Scott Boyd are examples of efforts to put these principles into action. And so as not to single out Giuliani, CAHI has put together a summary of all presidential candidates’ proposals.