What do Liberals and Conservatives like?

Patrick Ruffini’s blog does an analysis of Facebook data to determine what conservatives, liberals, and moderates enjoy:

Radiohead Republicans …

There just aren’t that many of them

But there are plenty more interested in the Bible, Country music, Sportscenter, watching 24, and playing Halo 3 on their Xbox.

Meanwhile, liberals watch the Daily Show, love Radiohead (by a 6-to-1 margin over conservatives), and let’s just say I like who Stephen Colbert takes votes from.

He has even made the full spreadsheet available.

Note that this list only measures Facebook users who list their ideology as liberal, conservative, or moderate, and register one of those “interests”. Thus, the analysis oversamples a younger audience and those who don’t mind being stalked.

A fact I found more fascinating that any liberal-conservative breakdown was the popularity of Family Guy. While it skews liberal, it is the most popular “interest” analyzed. That is to say, (and to avoid a John Lennon snafu), Family Guy is more popular than music.