State Lawmakers Argue Gaming Board Lacks Authority

ABC 27 article and video on the latest controversy over at the Gaming Control Board:

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports DeNaples is being investigated by a Dauphin County Grand Jury for connections to the mob, and by the Federal Government for business dealings. Yet, he was given a license. How? The law requires the Gaming Board to do background checks on applicants. But the Gaming Board cannot get information about ongoing investigations because they are not a law enforcement agency. [State Sen. Jeff]Piccola wanted State Police or the Attorney General to do those checks. His amendment was shot down.

“This is Pennsylvania. Things of this nature don’t happen in Pennsylvania except because of deals and corruption,” Piccola said.

Piccola also wanted a lifetime ban for anyone with a felony conviction. But again, lawmakers overruled him. The law allows anyone with a conviction more than 15 years ago to get a license. It is cynically called the DeNaples Clause because DeNaples pleaded no contest to fraud in 1978, which is outside the 15 year window. According to the Inquirer, he contributed more than 1 million dollars to politicians since 2000.

Add this on to the list of why we may, or may not, be the most corrupt state government in America.