I-80 tolls for Transit?

Philadelphia Inquirer article repeat a claim from PA Turnpike head Joe Brimmeier that none of the tolls from I-80 would be used to fund mass transit.

Of course this a bit facetious – the Turnpike Commission will collect money from three sources: I-80 tolls, higher Turnpike tolls, and bonds (in the first ten years). It then sends PennDOT regular payments. PennDOT then splits this money up for the mass transit fund and the highway fund. In other words, the money is fungible.

A smart reporter would ask
1) Will I-80 tolls be used to pay off the bonds, which will provide funding for mass transit, along with the highway fund?
2) If the federal government does not agree to tolling I-80, will the revenue provided for mass transit decline?

More on this issue and the Turnpike Commission’s claims here.