Is PA Government the Worst?

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review story on a Tim Potts presentation on taking Pennsylvania from “worst in the nation” to “best in the nation” in terms of good government.

Unfortunately, spokesmen for the Governor’s Office, House Republicans, and Senate Republicans defend Pennsylvania, as not being “the worst”. While it is true that a lot of other states have had some corruption problems, here is some of Pennsylvania’s recent dirty laundry:

As Tim Potts frequently points out, there has only been one reform law passed since the pay raise – the weak lobbyist disclusure law. So despite ending session at 11 and using the internet to post legislation and video (welcome to the 1990s) and though the Senate is still working on that Open Records bill (if only they had worked as long on Act 44), Pennsylvania has to be pretty low – if not rock bottom – when it comes to cleaning up state government.

I will concede the point to Ardo, Arneson, and Miskin; we may not have the most corrupt state government. Just a pretty awful one.