Republicans Can Win on Health Care

Karl Rove in the Wall Street Journal on some free market health care reforms. While Rove’s prescription contains much of the same reforms we suggested here and here and endorsed here, we just think Republicans, and Democrats, should endorse them because they are good policy, not for political gain. (Though if Mr. Rove have supported free-market policies all along, he might still be considered a genius).

On a related note, the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal thinks there may be some ways to compromise between RendellCare and the House Republican Plan spearheaded by Rep. Scott Boyd. While some of the reforms the Governor has proposed are good concepts (his scope of practice proposals have largely been adopted already), his Cover All Pennsylvanians plan to expand government-run health insurance and his “pay or play” employer tax run counter to a consumer-driven, free market approach, and any compromise (a lower taxes, a smaller spending increase, etc.) move us the wrong direction on health care reform.