What Americans Think about Their Schools

Results of a survey on public education and school choice is featured in the latest Education Next.

Some of the findings I found interesting:

  • School vouchers are generally viewed favorably – and overwhelmingly so among African Americans – but there is less opposition to tax credits.
  • There remains a lack of understanding of charter schools, i.e. whether than can teach religion (they can’t) or charge tuition (they can’t), but charters are still generally supported.
  • School employees show greater opposition to school choice than non-employees, but are mostly supportive of charters and tax credits and almost evenly split on vouchers – despite the fact that their unions are unequivocally opposed to all school choice.
  • The general public is mostly supportive of merit pay for teachers; school employees are more likey to oppose merit pay.
  • Both the general public and school employees support hiring qualified teachers without the formal state certification credentials – again despite complete union opposition.