More on PHEAA from the Guv

Governor calls PHEAA bonuses “outrageous” – Breaking News with The Patriot-News

Sens. Jane Orie, R-Allegheny, and John Rafferty, R-Montgomery, reacted to the bonuses by saying they plan to push their leaders in the GOP-controlled Senate to hold a hearing this fall and move legislation to force changes at PHEAA, including eliminating the executive bonuses. Rendell said he wants to be part of that effort.

I love this little quote as well:

Rendell said he had to “quarrel” with Adolph on that point. “If we could get high quality people as governor … why can’t we get people to do that in these positions at PHEAA, which is a public agency.” He said, “That’s what public service is all about. You make the choice.”

Matt and Eric are expected to take up PHEAA on TheBOX this Saturday, so be sure to tune in, and call in if you want to talk PHEAA.