Minnesota Bridge Collapse Intensifies Criticism Of Act 44

The Evening Bulletin on the need to repeal Act 44 and start over on how PA funds and operates its transportation infrastructure.

Also, Land Line Magazine — “the business magazine for professional truckers” — is critical of our call to lease the Turnpike. First of all, the magazine doesn’t get basic names right (such as, using “Michael” instead of Matthew Brouillette). But more importantly, in opposing the lease idea, they effective support higher tolls and fees that are embodied in Act 44 — and this is in the best interests of “professional truckers”?

Where we agree with this article is that “there has been no discussion in the Pennsylvania debate on how existing transportation funding and revenue streams are being spent.” This was supposed to be part of any new funding stream to our roads, bridges, highways, and mass transit. Of course, none of that came with Act 44.