PDE supports limiting school spending

Pennsylvania Education Secretary Gerald L. Zahorchak proposes limiting school spending, reported in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Of course he only wants to limit in for cyber schools – to $5800 per student. Why not a limit of $7000 per student in school districts then? It makes just as much sense as a limit on cyber school spending, given that school districts’ spend about $1200 on facilities per-pupil.

Zahorchak claims that limiting cyber-school spending would reduce spending by $25 million. Out of $21 billion? Please. And it would increase spending if cyber schools shut down or cut services – students would return to district schools which spend far more than cyber schools.

In his news release, Zahorchak states,

“Pennsylvania taxpayer dollars are not going for their intended use,” Zahorchak
told the committee. “Simply put, cyber charter schools should be investing their
resources in students”

But as our report, the Edifice Complex, point out, cyber schools are investing in students. It is school districts that are not – pouring more and more resources into school construction.