Turnpike Wheeling and Dealing

Brad Bumsted’s assessment of the Turnpike Commission’s deal to expand their power and protect their fiefdom.

The Turnpike Commission may have gotten enough House votes for their borrowing and tolling plan by promising to build to Mon-Fayette Expressway, Debra Erdley reports in the Tribune-Review.

A few months back the Turnpike Comission decided they didn’t have enough money to finish and the project wasn’t worthwhile. But hey, what’s a few million to satisfy political demands?

As I pointed out several months ago, diverting funding politcally selected projects and earmarks are part of why we have a “funding crisis” in the first place.

Interstingly, there is still interest among private firms in entering into a Public Private Partnership to build the Mon-Fayette Expressway, so there is some hope we can start moving towards the emerging paradigm for transportation funding.