Gov: “Spend it All!”

Central Penn Business Journal on Governor Rendell’s press conference:.

Rendell said he is particularly disturbed by comments Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Gibson Armstrong (R-Lancaster and York counties) made yesterday in regards to state funding for pre-kindergarten programs.

“I was stunned. How can any decent and honorable man say there is not enough money for pre-kindergarten funding when there is a $600 million-plus surplus,” Rendell said.

“Of course we have the money. Politics and posturing shouldn’t be the thing driving this train”

How can any “decent and honorable man” forget that it is the people’s money, and that the surplus should go back to the people who overpaid, not spent on politicians’ whims?

Speaking of “posturing”, check out how the Governor and others have exaggerated the benefits of government-run preschool to get more funding to expand the K-12 monopoly, and reduce parental choice.

And before “good and honorable” people start thinking “we have the money”, you’d better look into how much the Governor’s plans will really cost, one they are fully implemented – upwards of $3 b-b-b-billion.