A call to rein in state spending

Tribune-Review article on Thursday’s hearing on state spending limits. The Commonwealth Foundation’s newest fellow (and former Congresswoman) Melissa Hart testified:

“Often elected officials have been unwilling or simply unable to choose between saving citizens from higher taxes and funding projects or programs which often, in the end, inure only to the political benefit of a particular legislative district or the governor,” Hart said.

She estimated that by 2016-17, the state budget will balloon to $42 billion, a 59 percent increase, if spending is not curtailed.

“If the government is forced to limit its growth, it will re-examine the people’s priorities,” she said. “It will cut out the fat. It will put more of the taxpayers’ money back into their own pockets.”

Former Colorado Senate President John Andrews was also on hand to speak about Colorado’s experience with spending limits. Andrews has previously spoken at Commonwealth Foundation events and has written about the need for “fiscal guardrails” in PA.