Passing the buck on Act 1 tax hikes

The Reading Eagle with more on using exemptions to avoid referendum on property tax hikes.

A number of lawmakers are trying to defend the ineffective law they created: Rep. Reichley blames Gov. Rendell for being “too lenient in granting exceptions“. On the other side of the aisle, Rep. Caltagirone blame school boards for “thwarting the Legislature’s attempt to give taxpayers a greater say over tax hikes.”

Sorry fellas – the blame can only be laid on lawmakers who voted for this law, including Reps. Reichley and Caltagirone.

Rep. Rohrer states in the same article that he expected the exemptions. Either Rohrer is being more honest (or doesn’t have to defend his vote against Act 1) or Rep. Reichley and Caltagirone should have listened to the Commonwealth Foundation.

We warned you when the legislation was being amended that it wouldn’t protect taxpayers. We pointed out the referendum loopholes when the Conference Committee Report came out. We told you the that the exemptions offer nothing but a façade of reform when the legislation passed, again last summer, and again when we published our Taxpayer’s Guide to Act 1 in January.