House GOP will limit PSAs

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that the PA House GOP will limit “public service announcements” to three per year per members. Even I buy the logic that the state needs to advertise to get people to apply to take some of my taxes (which I don’t) I still don’t know why PSAs need to be controlled by individual lawmakers, by the General Assembly at all, or why they need to include a lawmaker’s name and/or picture.

I may be twisting his words a bit, but House GOP spokesman Steve Miskin says, “I’ll go to my grave thinking this is the most successful program we’ve ever done.” Pretty harsh language there, Steve — every other state government program is so poorly managed and unsuccesful that, as inappropriate as the PSAs are, they are still the best program in the state? I find it ironic that the “most successful program” is the program which promotes all the other bad programs.

I argued that the EITC is the most successful program created in recent years, but I agree that there isn’t a lot of competition for that honor.