House rejects series of reform measures

Mark Scolforo of the AP on the reforms that won’t be happening (at least in this round). Yesterday’s votes removed the Reform Commission proposals to limit the powers of the Appropriations Committee, and defeated a ban on taxpayer-funded “public service announcements” during an election year that feature a legislators name or picture.

Why 160 members felt that Pennsylvania taxpayers need to their name and/or picture on advertising that the taxpayer paid for may never be discovered, as no one spoke out against the ban.

The rest of the proposals will be taken up today, as the House decided to adjourn at 11 p.m., per the reform proposals (which is probably good, but why they waited until 7 pm to start after 3 hours in Caucus meetings is beyond me). It appears there will be some debate today about whether lawmakers should be able to start a nonprofit, direct taxpayer funds to it, and have the sole authority to dole out that money. It seems there are still some lawmakers who idolize newly hired tobacco lobbyists and state senators facing indictment on 139 counts of fraud.