Vince & Anchorwomen

Another reason to privatize the turnpike: to derail Vince Fumo’s efforts to use the Turnpike Commission to hook up with attractive Philadelphia news anchorwomen. From the Philadelphia Daily News:

On Thursday, we reported that the embattled state senator once tried unsuccessfully to court CBS 3 anchor Alycia Lane. We have since learned that Fumo had previously shown an interest in Fox 29 beauty Kerri-Lee Halkett.

Fumo and FHM magazine seem to be on the same page. Both Halkett and Lane were featured in the magazine’s sexy newsladies online poll.

Shortly after Halkett started at Fox 29 in 2002, she was invited by her neighbors Ruth Arnao and Mitch Rubin, the state Turnpike Commission chief, to join the couple and Fumo for dinner at the Capital Grille.