Senate leaders disclosed over $363K in bonuses

After last weeks disclosure that several unnamed PA Democratic House staffers were getting taxpayer-paid bonuses for undisclosed activities, the Senate GOP had decided to end their practice of bonuses (Mark Scolforo’s AP story) and disclose bonuses for the past few year (Brad Bumsted in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review).

Kudos to the Senate GOP for taking both these steps.

Here is the jaw-dropping list of largest bonuses paid (from Senate GOP caucus funds) in 2006:

  • Michael Long, former GOP staff administrator, $22,500
  • Steve MacNett, Republican chief counsel, $22,500
  • Mark Corrigan, secretary and parliamentarian, $20,676
  • Russ Faber, chief clerk, $20,676
  • Donna Malpezzi, chief counsel to Sen. Dominic Pileggi, $20,000
  • Dave Atkinson, aide to Sen. Gib Armstrong, $20,000
  • Drew Crompton, aide to Sen. Joe Scarnati, $19,467
  • Erik Arneson, Pileggi’s communications and policy director, $15,000

FYI, I also “worked well beyond normal on policy issues”, but am still waiting for my $22,500 bonus (and I do not accept Monopoly money as legal tender).