Legislative leaders need a diet

A must-watch story from KDKA exposing how many legislators leaders take $141 per-diem for “lodging and meals” every day they are in Harrisburg, then charge taxpayers for catering or expensive meals, calling it “legislative business.” Among the targets of the story are Vince Fumo – charging taxpayers $27,000 thousand in meals and $8,000 on beverages, Bob Jubelirer – $10,600 on meals and $6,500 on drinks, Mike Veon – $26,000 in per diems, and Bill Deweese – $21,000 in per diems.

Also an amusing part at the end of the clip, where the cameran is bullied when trying to get a shot of the Capitol Barbershop.

Egregious examples such as these are why the Commonwealth Foundation has called for opening these legislative accounts under the Open Records law and having them audited, along with reducing the taxpayer-financed perks and benefits for lawmakers.