Excess at PHEAA

Following Commonwealth Foundation president Matthew Brouillette’s chat about PHEAA on Wednesday’s Bob Durgin Show, a number of newspapers have run stories of the staff bonuses, “profit,” and extravagant trips and gifts at the quasi-public agency.

The Philadelphia Inquirer discusses the $180,000 bonus paid to PHEAA CEO Richard Willey, the highest-paid state employee.

The Patriot News ask if he’s really worth all that.

The Centre Daily Times asks why that money isn’t going back into student financial aid.

The Pottsville Mercury notes that in addition to the bonuses, the workers and board of PHEAA (comprised mostly of state legislators) frequently
take lavish “business trips.”

The Scranton Times Tribune suggests that the PHEAA “board can discuss this at its next wine-tasting in the Napa Valley.”

The Lebanon Daily News notes that PHEAA has little to do with “public service.”

And the Easton Express Times says “PHOOEY” to PHEAA.

It is clear that few think PHEAA behaves like, nor should be, a function of state government.